Monday, February 6, 2012

Back on Track – and More Exciting Than Ever

The project is now entering a new phase – with secured funding, accelerated design and construction schedule and new partners.

Amazon Promise Pre-Clinic work:

Our team went to Belen in the winter of 2010 and has successfully tested an off-grid drinking water purification system and a composting toilet system. The testing of the solar-powered water treatment system showed that it has sufficient capacity to provide ample water for the clinic needs. The design of an off-the shelf composting toilet was analyzed with the participation of local craftsmen, and it was determined that similar in function units can be constructed from local materials. The next step will be to fully commission the systems in the course of 2012 for the continuous use by Amazon Promise personnel.

The Big Clinic:

After several years of hard work, the project team has succeeded in securing by the close of 2011 a firm commitment from SIEMENS AG to provide full funding for the clinic. Due to the increased resources available for the project, it became necessary to engage an additional local medical NGO – Project Amazonas – in order to fully utilize the capabilities of the planned medical facility. Also, based on the recommendation of the Peruvian Ministry of Health, the site for the clinic has been moved from Belen to Mazan – outside of the flood zone and on a major path for people traveling to the Iquitos area for medical treatment. The clinic will now serve a more diverse group of patients in the region of Loreto.

The Next Steps:

The Mazan clinic team is starting a comprehensive re-design effort to adjust the existing clinic design to the new physical setting and a different utility connection situation (no reliable water or power supply). Also, the nature of the project will require considerable budget management capabilities. This new reality, combined with a tight projected construction schedule, will necessitate a dramatic expansion of the team. We are looking for qualified volunteers for the following areas:

· Geotechnical

· Structural

· Architectural

· Water and waste water treatment (turn-key off grid)

· Electrical (off-grid)

· Project management and tracking (including budget and bookkeeping)

We will be presenting more detailed information during the General Body Meeting on March 1.

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